Pilirani Kumasewera

Pilirani Kumasewera (PK)

Founder, CEO

Pilirani Kumasewera is a self-taught web programmer who founded Padziwe in 2012 while working on an educational software he had conceived.

After successfully pursuing a Bachelors degree in Library & Information Science at Mzuzu University Pilirani was hired to develop a website for a certain private school. It was while he was doing this work that he observed the lack of books in the school’s library. Students weren’t allowed to borrow core textbooks from the library because of this insufficiency. On the other hand, this school had computers in its laboratory.

Pilirani thought it would make matters easier if learning resources were put in these computers for students to study at any time. As he explored this idea, more and better ways of implementing it flooded his mind.

Finally, Pilirani resolved to develop a web-based application which would host learning resources from teachers of the school. These resources would be different from the way they are presented in traditional books. They would take advantage of web technologies and include videos, audios, PDFs, and animations. This is how Padziwe Digital Library, the first software for the company was born.

From then on, it was just a matter of fine-tuning it with better content and better ways of implemention.

Pilirani has big dreams for the future. He is convinced that every student can understand what they are learning and be able to pass exams with flying colors. This is why he has taken a lead in developing applications that makes learning easier and convenient for students.

He recently published a White Paper titled: "Achieving 100% Pass Rate at MSCE". You can download the paper on this link

In his spare time Pilirani plays Basketball, reads and writes on random topics, composes and produces music, and loves to learn about the universe.

The ultimate solution to our planet's woes lies in true education.

- Pilirani Kumasewera -