What is Padziwe Digital Library?

Padziwe Digital Library (PDL) is a computer and mobile application which contains comprehensive learning resources for secondary education. This application currently comes in two versions: IGCSE and MSCE. Below are some of the features and content contained in Padziwe Digital Library:

  • Covers up to 13 Subjects
  • Animations, videos, audios...
  • Books, exam papers, guides ...
  • Easy to understand lessons
  • Up to 3.8 GB
  • Free updates (1 year)
  • Free technical support
  • Absolutely cheap
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The Power of Padziwe Digital Library

The power of PDL in helping students learn effectively lies in the way the learning materials are presented. The content is presented through a variety of media types which allow students to interact with them or visualize certain processes through video simulations. There are flash and HTML5 animations, videos, audios, slideshows, graphics, and plain texts. These media types all work together to make sure a particular topic is covered comprehensively and presented in an easy-to-understand manner to the student.

Padziwe is helping

How Much Does Padziwe Digital Library Cost?



MWK26, 50000
  • 1 user per copy
  • Covers 10 Subjects
  • Boooks, Lessons, Past papers, Study Guides, etc
  • Takes 3.8 GB of space
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free Support
  • Comes in a FREE USB Drive
  • Delivered to you for FREE


MWK43, 60000
  • 1 user per copy
  • Covers 13 Subjects
  • Books, Lessons, Past Papers, Guides, etc
  • 3.6 GB worth of resources
  • Free updates for 1 year
  • Free Support
  • Comes in a FREE USB Drive
  • Delivered to you for FREE

Why Choose Padziwe Digital Library Over Books?

We respect books. We acknowledge the role they have played in shaping some of us into information-rich citizens who are able to contribute intelligently to our country’s development. With the coming of computer technology and multimedia, however, we see that books are very limited in helping our current and future generations learn effectively. Here are some of the areas in which books fall short:

  • Expensive to buy
  • No moving visuals
  • No interactive content
  • Cannot contain all the learning content for all subjects
  • Trees have to be cut down to produce books
  • One book cannot be used by more people at the same time
  • Deteriorate with time, can be defaced with liquids, get torn, apart, stolen, etc.
  • Higher carbon footprint
  • Have references which a student cannot readily access
  • Content cannot be beamed on PowerPoint (unless you are using those old projectors)
  • Do not contain exam papers
  • Impossible to upgrade content unless you buy the new book
  • One must flip and flip in order to come to the chapter/page they are looking for.

And finally, books are despised and loathed by the current generation of students who would rather stay glued to their computer or mobile devices than flip pages. The case is likely only to grow worse, especially with the increased availability of gadgets.

Padziwe Digital Library (PDL) seeks to be a perfect alternative to these challenges as it effectively addresses each one of the limitations related to the use of books.

Disadvantages of books
Padziwe Digital Library

    Study smart with PDL

    Have all your study resources in one place, quickly find what you are looking for, study using well presented notes, videos, animations, audios, etc, study on a clean environment with less or no paper at all...

    These factors help in making students understand what they are studying.

Padziwe Digital Library

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