What is Padziwe Online Secondary School?

Imagine a school where no bells ring, where nobody writes a list of noise-makers, a school where there are no disciplinary meetings, no dress codes, no assemblies, no curfews, no boarding masters or mistresses. Imagine a school that has freed itself of all of these political, administrative and logistical burdens and just concentrate one single thing: getting students to understand what they are learning. Imagine all of the school’s resources channeled to this ONE objective. Such a school exists and it is called
Padziwe Online Secondary School (POSS).

Padziwe Online Secondary School (POSS) is a service offering online lessons for Malawi School Certificate of Examinations (MSCE). The lessons are prepared by our own teachers. POSS seeks to break physical, financial and geographical barriers to learning. It makes it possible for students to get tutored by some of the best teachers in Malawi. Apart from this, Padziwe Online Secondary School also seeks to help improve students’ chances of passing by providing high quality learning content as well assessment tools.

What POSS offers

At Padziwe Online Secondary School we offer many resources to help our
students understand what they are studying clearly

1) Daily Lessons

Each day there are lessons being delivered at POSS. These daily lessons are presented according to a time table. They are presented in the form of texts, images, videos, animations or audios.

2) Full Online Library

POSS integrates with Padziwe Digital Library (PDL), a robust learning software containing learning resources for MSCE. With this library students can study any part of a subject, in addition to following the order of the daily lessons.

3) Live Quizzes & Exams

At the end of every daily lesson, students are given a quiz to test how well they have understood that lesson. These are marked automatically by our system, allowing students to get the results immediately so that they can revise or move to the next lesson, depending on the result.

4) Talk to a teacher

At Padziwe Online Secondary School we provide a platform where our students ask questions to our teachers when they are stuck. Students can ask topic-specific questions at the end of every lesson or general questions through a school forum.

5) Past Papers

POSS gives its students access to a vast collection of past question papers to help them with their revision.

6) Other Resources

To enhance the learning experience of our students we also offer additional study resources such as books, pamphlets, study guides, study tips, etc.


Subjects offered


Students registered

I remember using this forum back in tha days wen I was in secondary (school) level...it greatly improved my knowledge and helped me pass my MSCE wth gud points...Big up padziwe...really proud of it, its beneficial.

thumb Farouq Gift kachale
Former student

I’ve been using POSS for sometime. The lessons are presented in a way that is very easy to understand. The quizzes at the end of a lesson help in self-assement”

POSS Student Annie Phiri
Current POSS student